Projects in Lockdown – Face Masks

Stitching on the tape onto the edge of the face mask.

At the moment here in the UK we are in week 9 (or maybe 10?) of Covid 19 lockdown. Which has left me with so much more time and energy not having to travel to and from work everyday. So has lead to a cornucopia of sewing projects which I hope to document on this blog.

Now that we are starting to open up our social circles, I decided an important quick project would be to make some cotton masks for myself and partner so use on public transport.


  • Cotton fabric fat quarter
  • 1m of 3mm elastic
  • 20cm of 16mm wide cotton tape
  • Needle and thread
  • Ruler
  • Fabric scissors or rotary cutter
  1. Start with your fat quarter. Measure a 20cm (8 inch) strip of fabric and cut.
  2. Fold into thirds. Then fold under the raw edge. Press flat with an iron.
  3. Fold two pleats so that the fabric is 3 inches long. Press the pleats in place and pin.
  4. Sew along the raw edges to secure the pleats approximately 5mm from the edge. Whip stitch the folded raw edge.
  5. Trim the raw edges and wrap with the cotton tape. Pin in place and sew to secure.
  6. Cut a small length of tape and sew on the elastic to each corner. Complete one side and measure the amount of elastic you need on the wearer. Then sew onto the other side being careful not to twist the elastic.

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