Current Projects – July 20

Just a quick update to show what I’ve been working on. We are in a weird semi-lockdown at the moment. The shops and bars are open but I’m still working from home. So I have a lot of time to work on projects.

Keystone Drafting

I’ve been working on the post for drafting the Keystone Jacket but hit a bit of a brick wall when my enthusiasm fell off a cliff. It’s in progress and actually fully drafted. It’s just the illustrations showing step by step it really complex.

Keystone Jacket

Keystone Jacket

Using the pattern drafted as above. I was originally going to make this is blue cotton. But then I found 1.5 metres of mustard yellow wool in my stash (which I had completely forgotten about) so decided to use that. Currently the back is sewn together and fitted. I’ll work of the front darts next.

Modern Combinations/Pyjamas


These are all in one pyjamas based on a 1910 set of underwear. Sounds weird? Well yes it’s a bit odd. I’ve been looking at Edwardian fashion and the multitude of people who have recreated a pair of “combinations” so I decided I wanted to try it. They are typically lacey, soft and delicate. Then my brain suddenly thought: These would make great onsie pyjammas. So I bought some cotton flannelette and started to make those instead.

More to come…

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