Custom Dressform from Bootstrap Fashion

I found Bootstrap Fashion on an Instagram post and instantly knew I’d discovered something special. In a nutshell, you add your measurements to the website and the website creates a pdf pattern for a custom fit dressform you can make at home. This is one of those ideas that makes your realise technology is amazing.

But wait, there’s more! It’s not just dress forms. There are garment patterns for women’s dresses, tops, jumpsuits, bridal, corsets, coats, jackets and lingerie.

But wait, there’s more! Men’s shirts and jackets and children’s dresses. ALL CUSTOM FIT!

I was so excited about it I decided to become an affiliate and spread the word.

Reasons why I’m so excited about my dress form pattern:

  • It has lots of different settings, not just measurements but options like shoulder slope, posture and *cough* belly protuberance. So you can get a real body shape.
  • It’s very size inclusive. For example the hip measurements can be anything from 18″ and 68″. Also height options between 4’7″ and 6’8″
  • It’s very affordable at only $24.
  • It’s quick. The website boasts only a 20 minute delivery time for you pattern to be emailed to you. My order only took 6 minutes which is amazing.
  • You can create a soft dress form suitable for draping onto. Most dress forms available are plastic which is not very easy to stick pins into for draping fabric.
  • You can make it with some awesome fabric.
  • You can use the patterns commercially. So if you decided to start a business making custom dress forms for customers you could totally do that.

So I downloaded my pattern and printed it out without a hitch. I requested an A4 pattern but I was tempted to go for A3 as I can print A3 at work. You can get your pattern in a wide range of paper types which is quite impressive.

While I waited to get to a printer (I’m only in the office when I have a meeting because of lock down) I started the search for a fabulous fabric to make my dress form with. I settled quite quickly on this breathtaking digital printed quilting cotton from Robert Kaufman’s Sky collection and ordered 1.5 metres. I am a sucker for painterly techniques and this fabric is like an atmospheric oil painting of a seascape. If I’m totally honest, I was a little disappointed when it arrived. It has more of a yellow tinge to the lighter areas.

After washing and ironing my fabric, I laid out my pattern pieces. Because of the pattern I had to fold the fabric cut edge to cut edge, rather than selvage to selvage. I was really relived that I had enough fabric to space my pieces where the colour gradient could flow from the bottom to the top. Also these pattern pieces are without seam allowance so I need a but more fabric to cut out around the paper.

So the next step is to cut out the fabric pieces and interface them. I’m waiting for an order of iron on interfacing to arrive so I will leave this blog post here for now. I also need some more bits and bobs for the project. It’s also going to affect all my other projects that I need accurate fitting for so this is actually holding up all my projects at the moment.

2 thoughts on “Custom Dressform from Bootstrap Fashion

  1. Thanks for the info on this – I have been tempted to try this also. It looks like a lot of work and I am not sure if I would use it. I look forward to seeing the rest of the project.


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