Sophie Hatter Project – Combinations

The Sophie Hatter combinations were the first garment made for the Sophie Hatter project. This was for the Foundations Revealed competition 2021. The brief was to create and outfit or garment for a character from a work of literature. I chose one of my favourite characters Sophie Hatter from Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana WynneContinue reading “Sophie Hatter Project – Combinations”

Review: Bernadette Shoe by American Duchess

When the Bernadette style of shoe was revealed to our plague ridden world in August 2020, We rejoiced. Bernadette Banner had been working with historical shoe makers American Duchess to design and produce these super cute heeled boots. With very little thought, which was only to decide what colour I liked the most, I tookContinue reading “Review: Bernadette Shoe by American Duchess”

Bootstrap Dress form – Finally Complete

Wohoo! It’s been a long time coming for this Bootstrap fashion dress form to be completed. Unlike other projects that sit in the UFO pile for a while, this project was actively holding up other projects that I needed to drape! Click here to see my previous post about this project. I’ve had my oldContinue reading “Bootstrap Dress form – Finally Complete”

Being Trash for Bernadette’s Shoes

I did the thing. I knew I would. The temptation was too much. I’d been waiting for the email to drop into my inbox for me to pre-order the new American Duchess Bernadette’s in Blue/Black. I already have a pair of Cherry tone Londoners so I was super excited to have a similar shoe inContinue reading “Being Trash for Bernadette’s Shoes”

My Wedding Dress

So, recently I got married. Yes, despite Covid, despite lock down, despite the restrictions of ceremonies to 30 people and weddings being banned for more than three months. We were booked in to get married in March. But lock down in Britain was suddenly announced 5 days before the big day and we were forcedContinue reading “My Wedding Dress”

Custom Dressform from Bootstrap Fashion

I found Bootstrap Fashion on an Instagram post and instantly knew I’d discovered something special. In a nutshell, you add your measurements to the website and the website creates a pdf pattern for a custom fit dressform you can make at home. This is one of those ideas that makes your realise technology is amazing.Continue reading “Custom Dressform from Bootstrap Fashion”

Keystone Jacket In Yellow Wool – Part 1 – The Back

I really wanted a short, smart spring jacket. One that I could put on over a nice dress if the weather got chilly. I was thinking cotton moleskin or velvet in light blue or grey. But while sorting through my stash of fabric I found 1.5 metres of mustard yellow wool. Which is the completeContinue reading “Keystone Jacket In Yellow Wool – Part 1 – The Back”