Tips for Sewing in a Small Space

I watch far too many sewing videos on Youtube where the maker has their own sewing room with shelves stacked high with fabric and tools and a cutting table that I could lie on like a starfish. I do not have this luxury. I have a table that doubles (triples, quadruples?) as my computer desk,Continue reading “Tips for Sewing in a Small Space”

Clearing my UFO project pile

I’m not a patient creator. I’m also not a consistent creator. I prefer to have several different projects on the go at the same time and hop between them to get a new burst of enthusiasm. Most of the time these short bursts are enough to keep me going to the end of each project.Continue reading “Clearing my UFO project pile”

Sophie Hatter Project – Corset

The idea of making a corset was such an exciting and terrifying dream for me. I’ve never made anything so structured and technical before. To prepare myself I spent a long time researching. Mainly through watching other makers on YouTubers making their own projects. I learned the mysteries of busk insertion and the poetic curveContinue reading “Sophie Hatter Project – Corset”

Sophie Hatter Project – Combinations

The Sophie Hatter combinations were the first garment made for the Sophie Hatter project. This was for the Foundations Revealed competition 2021. The brief was to create and outfit or garment for a character from a work of literature. I chose one of my favourite characters Sophie Hatter from Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana WynneContinue reading “Sophie Hatter Project – Combinations”

Review: Bernadette Shoe by American Duchess

When the Bernadette style of shoe was revealed to our plague ridden world in August 2020, We rejoiced. Bernadette Banner had been working with historical shoe makers American Duchess to design and produce these super cute heeled boots. With very little thought, which was only to decide what colour I liked the most, I tookContinue reading “Review: Bernadette Shoe by American Duchess”