Review: Bernadette Shoe by American Duchess

When the Bernadette style of shoe was revealed to our plague ridden world in August 2020, We rejoiced. Bernadette Banner had been working with historical shoe makers American Duchess to design and produce these super cute heeled boots. With very little thought, which was only to decide what colour I liked the most, I tookContinue reading “Review: Bernadette Shoe by American Duchess”

Being Trash for Bernadette’s Shoes

I did the thing. I knew I would. The temptation was too much. I’d been waiting for the email to drop into my inbox for me to pre-order the new American Duchess Bernadette’s in Blue/Black. I already have a pair of Cherry tone Londoners so I was super excited to have a similar shoe inContinue reading “Being Trash for Bernadette’s Shoes”